Coating Project Management

Coating Project Management

Topic Course and Preliminary

  1. Practical and Best Practice Managament Project Corrosion and Coating by CCIPP and Would be eligible for the final exam / certification Project Managament Coating(PMC) are those who have participated in Level I and II and has passed and with recomendation
  2. Candidates must have previously submitted a form of work experience and submitted to the committee no later than 30 days prior to certification.
  3. Candidates must follow the 4 (four) days of continuous training in the classroom and follow the theory test required for that on the fourth day.
  4. Candidates must have prepared written (paper) form of hard copy, soft files, and slides. Submit a hard copy of the original bundle and 10 pieces of copy.
  5. Before preparing papers, a candidate must first submit the title, subtitles, and will get assistance from the Director of  Training Project Managament Coating.
  6. Candidates must have brought paper during the first day and handed it to the committee, to be evaluated and assessed.

Candidates were given only a maximum of two hours to present their papers.

Discussion on the paper is divided into two section: 

  • Section 1: theory questions
  • Section 2: practice questions 

Theory question

  1. Candidates were asked for at least 4 questions that have been prepared by a committee based on papers presented by the candidate.
  2. Candidates are given a maximum time limit of 5 minutes to answer each question.
  3. For section 1, the maximum total time is 1 hour.
  4. If time allows candidates must be able to answer any additional questions posed. Maximum of 2 additional questions and the question must be based on papers given are presented.
Practical question
  1. Candidates were asked for at least 4 (four) questions that have been prepared by the organizers based on the writings of the candidate.
  2. Time to answer each question asked is 5 (five) minutes.
  3. For this second section, the maximum total time is 1 (one) hour.
  4. The purpose of this test is to determine the ability of candidates, both theoretical and practice in different situations.
  5. The questions that arise are part of the knowledge they have learned from the Project Managament Coating.
  1. After candidates complete the presentation, participants are invited to exit the presentations room.
  2. Three examiner team consisting of three people will discuss and evaluate the answers by candidates, and minimum two people examiner declared passed, the candidate can be declared passed, and when the three people examiners explain are not satisfied, then the candidate declared not successful.
  3. When the candidates were declared pass, then the team of examiners must submit a reason in writing to the Director of Training.
Graduation Announcements
  1. Candidate after waiting outside the room will be called in by the Moderator of Examiners team, after the evaluation and assessment has been achieved.
  2. Moderator of Examiners team will provide a certificate has been following the final exam and declared NOT PASS or PASS.
  3. Moderator of Examiners team must immediately report the evaluation and testing results to the Director of Training.
  4. For candidates who do not graduate, can take exams on the final exam schedule in the next period.

Forms of Brochures